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Car Talk and More

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Car Talk and More Professional Support

Buying cars is often a tedious process for many as it can be a first time experience or even simply an unknown process. Buying a used car has often been referred to as being nearly as stressful as buying a new house.
We aim to answer some of the unknown car buying questions that you have.

Contact and reach out to other Automotive enthusiasts like yourself here.!

Our Buying Used Car blog offers you premium access to support and answers from experienced car buyers and sellers.

Any automotive question or query is welcome no matter how big, small or even far out and wacky it may be. We don’t just answer questions about Japanese cars or cars from Japan. This is a general blog covering multi topics of motoring.

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Our Buying Blog

Our aim was to make our automotive blog fun and entertaining and not just your standard old run of the mill blog that Auto Websites churn out daily.
With polls and point plus plenty of media options available, our Auto Buying Blogs stands out in the crowd.


Online Auto Communities

We have created some cool online community networks


Suck Knowledge

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you with almost any question.


All Languages Welcome

Our website accepts most common languages. If your is not the just ask.


Freedom to Choose

Pick your very own community or make one that suits you. Ask questions.

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Below is just a sample of some of the topics covered in our motoring blog. Have a good look around and add your topic.

  • Kei Cars & Trucks
  • Shipping & Customs
  • American Cars plus
  • German Cars
  • Auction Info
  • Car Importing
  • Car Exporting
  • Rules and Regs
  • How to Buy
  • General Chat
  • JDM Cars
  • Classic Cars
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