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Car Share

So, What Is Car Share?

Well firstly its not car share in the traditional sense of the meaning ``Car Share`` What we have are two different parts to our website where you can either share your car import and driving success stories. Or secondly, another where you can share your questions and get answers provided by us the pros or other users. Its so easy.

Forum Module

Check out our forum here for your questions about all things cars. This can be about Importing directly or what to import. You can ask any question at all about buying cars from Japan here. https://usedcars.co.jp/forum/

Community Module

Join our Community Module. Here you can share pictures and more and more about everything to do with your cars and what you do. Share with others here your success about importing cars from Japan. https://kenya.usedcars.co.jp/

Live Support

This website requires that we answer you in a good time so every page has a live support chatbox. Obviously, we can't be awake 24/7 and there is a time difference so keep this in mind if we are not on line. We are alive we promise and will reply.