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Car Reviews

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We have reviewed a decent selection of hand-picked cars we believe will be the most practical to import to countries such as Mauritius, Seychelles, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, and Tanzania plus many other great countries in the beautiful continent of Africa.

It's our ultimate goal to provide you with some basic but yet informative insight into some of the best cars currently being exported from Japan to the African region.

Economical Cars

One of the most important factors for 90% of car drivers is the economy. Here we have factored in these features not only in our reviews but also in our advertised car ads.

Inexpensive Cars

Inexpensive cars are vital for people driving on roads around Africa and we appreciate this. Our selection of reviewed cars is based all on low priced budget cars that are reliable and can stand up to rigorous driving.

Different Makes & Models

One of the benefits of buying cars from Japan is the abundance of vehicles that are available. Here we review a few of these cars that will allow you are a clearer insight into what you may be purchasing shortly.

Written In Easy Terms

Because we are not professional motoring reviewers our reviews are easy to read and digest. We are human also and you will find some questionable views written here so don't be too critical and give us a pat for trying.

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