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Car Points

Buyers Earn Car Points

Come On In And Earn

Earn yourself buying points the easy way. Every time you recommend a friend or family member to buy a car from our inventory stock selection you will be rewarded with car buying points.

Point Rewards

We will reward you with 50 car points for each person that is a confirmed recommendation from you. You don't even need to be an existing buyer to earn car points.

What Are Points Worth?

Each point earned has a value equal to $1.00US so as you can imagine 50 car points are equal to $50US. Each car listed in our inventory is eligible for Car Points Rewards.

How Can I Get My Points?

Once you collect enough points you are entitled to buy any car from our inventory or from auction up to the same value of rewarded points. It's so easy for everyone.

All Cars Have Points

The news gets even better. If you see a car that has been heavily discounted on the website it's still eligible for car points, as long as the vehicle is in the stock inventory.

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Earn and redeem car points

To Earn Points You Need To Register

We have to keep an eye on the car points system so you must register to and Earn points. So get started today and claim your points anytime later.

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Apply Here

Anyone can apply as long as you can fill in the form.

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Its About Referrals

All you have to do is refer someone to earn car points.

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No Limits

There are no limitations to how many people you refer

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Get Started

It's FREE, so get started

Some Answers To Common Questions

Here we answer some of the commonly requested questions about how our car rewards point system works. If your answer is not here please contact us.

Just a couple of ideas to help out.

  1. You can redeem your points at any time by selecting a car on the website or from the auction and sending us an email here. [email protected]
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