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Car Franchise


We are all looking for that something. Here we aim to separate you and ourselves from all the other car exporters and importers. It's not revolutionary but it simply works and everyone wins including the end-user who is your buyer.

If you want to save money and at the same time offer your client some value-based savings, Read More.

WHATS A FRANCHISE? Good question and below is where we answer that and what our car franchise is, plus how it works for you when you buy your cars direct from Japan using the car auction service!

Ok, what we offer is not really a franchise as such but more a membership system for our dealers to secure the best deals on cars from auctions in Japan at the best current prices.

If you are simply buying dealer stock in Japan can you be sure that you are getting the best deals directly at the lowest prices? All these cars you buy from dealer stock come directly from the auction and the sellers have INCREASED the prices because you can’t see what they paid.

DONT DO IT. If that is you, stop now. We have a simple base fee for each car that is the best on the market depending on your volume. It’s not rocket science. Auction is cheaper and everyone wins. The other companies don’t offer this service as they know its too good. Image Not Found


Cars Weekly


Auctions Nationwide


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% Satisfaction

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Your Franchise

We have designed this business model to work well specifically for countries within Africa as this is where it's mostly required. You have complete ownership of the car buying process from Japan from start to finish. ``It's your baby``


Winning Position

Our fees are positioned lower than most for volume car buyers and if you are here you are winning.



All fees are discounted and you earn points for every car sold via your sales platform.


Save Money

Stop paying Japanese dealers to much for the cars your buying.


Total Transparency

Using our system you see the actual price that each car you buy actually sells for.

Be First

Franchise Request

Our franchise automotive network system is simple and easy to follow. We are currently accepting new member applicants to enquire. This is limited so get in quickly while spots are available. These are the reasons why!

  • Low Cost Cars
  • Low Cost Fees
  • One Fee Only
  • Transparent Service
  • We Export To You
  • All Cars Inspected
  • No tricks
  • Professional Service
  • Cut Costs
  • Cars Direct
  • Greater Selection
  • Complete USS Auction
Franchise Request Form
  • How do I start?

    Simply fill out the easy request form and if we like what we see we will then send you an email with the complete process and from there you can decide what to do.

  • Do I actually own a franchise?

    This is a loose term we used as its the easiest way to describe this type of automotive service. Basically your membership to the system is on a month by month basis for as long as you want to remain a member.

  • How much does it cost me?

    Buying any car from Japan comes with some costs. Even now when you buy a car from a car exporter here in Japan you are paying many hidden fees and you don't even know how much the exporter is making from you. Our fees are fully transparent. Once you apply and if approved as a possible member we will send a break down of our services. Please apply as it's free to do so.

  • How many cars must I buy to be a member?

    It's really up to you as there is no set limit. We have a very minimal monthly fee that is minimal to cover the administration for providing you with the service. It's set at such a low price it's almost insignificant. So the amount of cars is ultimately up to you.

  • Does this franchise or service include cars on your stock page?

    Simple, and the answer is no. The provided service is for cars purchased through the provided Japanese auction service we offer. This allows you to buy cars at under or less than wholesale prices.

  • Can a private buyer join?

    Private buyers can use the auction page provided in the top links and will benefit from our normal website service. The Franchise service is designed for dealer use only at this point. Please see here https://japautoauctions.com/

Some simple tips

  1. Dont share your passwords for the service once provided
  2. Be careful of anyone offering this service other than Used Cars Japan
  3. Remember the time difference when trying to contact us in Japan