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See Auction Now and Explore Cars in Japan

Japanese Usded Car Auctions

For over 30+ years the Japanese have led the way in modern Auto auctions and have never stopped progressing. With over 70,000 cars on display nationwide in Japan, you will not run out of great buying options for your next car.

Check here below and learn how buying from auction is easy and how help you secure your car here at the best price possible!

The first place to start is by looking at the auction website here. If you are not already a member you will need to register which takes about 2 minutes and requires no personal information.

Ok so now your member take some time to look around and check out all those cars. Dont forget for now we are only talking auctions and not 1 price or Yahoo which will be covered in other pages. Read a little more about the buying process here to give you a better heads up.

Once you are ready to get started start your searching head on into the available car options and select your car. Click on the car to get a larger view. If you want the auction sheet TRANSLATED simply enter 0 in the bid amount and we will get back to you with a translation that same day. You have not bought a car so dont worry.

Now you have your translation and we have discussed an appropriate amount to bid you can decide your real budget. Enter your budget and we will proceed to bid for you up to your desired amount. 👍



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This years New Registrations

See Auction Now and Explore Cars in Japan

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Auction Services

Using the auctions in Japan is a great way to ensure a number of key factors for you the Used Car Buyer. The cars are always changing and quality is high. Furthermore, there is no haggling over the price with an auction! What you pay at auction is what you pay. With over 140,000 + cars per week going through the Japanese Car Auction system, not looking would be critical.


Paper Work

All papers must be certified by the auction to satisfy government requirements. This includes registration and vehicle authenticity.


Mileage Check

All mileages on cars from auctions are checked and certified by the technicians. Cars that do not pass are clearly identified.


Auction Inspections

Every car going through auctions in Japan are inspected by auction technicians and graded upon the condition at the time of inspection.


Auction Grading

Every car is graded an award number for overall exterior and mechanical condition which is easy to work out using our glossary

Inspections and Translations

Japan Auction Sheet Inspection!

All Japanese auction houses conduct on the spot inspections on all cars entering the auctions. These inspections are fast and comprehensive covering all major aspects of the vehicle. Use the link here and have your first car Translated.

  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Engine
  • Tires
  • Lighting
  • Interior
  • Suspension
  • Exterior
  • Brakes
  • Air Conditioning
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Wheel Alignment
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If you want to see Yahoo auctions click here.

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