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About Us

About Used Cars Japan Website

There are so many advertising portals out there today that it becomes quite overwhelming as to who to use easily and safely. Some offer all the services and charge exuberant fees. Others don't want to help when it comes to culture and language barriers. However unexpectedly we do!
Our goal is to be the bridge that's missing and makes sure that the factors above do not hinder your prospect of buying a car at the right price easily.

Modest Beginnings and Tireless Work Ethics Bring Us Together Today.

We have collectively been involved in the Automotive business both here in Japan and abroad for some 30 plus years. Over these 30 years or so the industry has developed into a global trading juggernaut.

People are now trading cars from all corners of the world which offers the buying public new opportunities that were jnot available some 15 or so years ago.

We aim to be part of this movement with great services and lower fees as part of our overall service. Image Not Found

Why choose us

Person to person messaging, online forum, over 200,000 cars, secure payment processing, free advertising, great dealer support, overall customer satisfaction priority.

Our Focus & Priority

Our focus is to provide you the buyer with a safe and secure automotive buying platform. Our goal is to help the seller advertise their cars professionally and comprehensively.

One Stop Shop

Like every company we stated small. Now our goal is to be a 1 stop shop for your global automotive car buying requirements. It's not changing the wheel but making it better.

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Our Products

Like most online companies we offer both free and paid services. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive free service as well as even better-paid services for our members. Anyway, you go there is a great service here for you either free or paid. Have a look around.



Here we have a comprehensive Free Auto listing service that allows you to advertise up to 5 cars freely for up to 56 days. There are no restrictions with our free option except duration.



Join our Rookie service and display up to 15 items for up to 90 days including 3 featured items in the featured section and just like Free you have a complete service.



Join our Professional service and display up to 32 items for up to 120 days including 3 featured items in the featured section and just like Free you have a complete service.



Join our Diamond service and display up to 200 items for up to 365 days including 5 featured items in the featured section and just like Free you have a complete service.

Buy Cars Here With Us

Customer First

Our priority is the buyer first. Not the advertiser. We strive to ensure our buyers get the vehicle that was advertised by the seller in safety with minimal risk and satisfaction secured.

All items you see below are checked and reported on prior to advertising.

  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Engine
  • Tires
  • Car Body
  • Interior
  • Suspension
  • All Fluids
  • Brakes
  • Vin Number
  • Electrical
  • Paint
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